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Bad Etsy Deals' Journal
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Thursday, January 12th, 2017
12:29 am
GroversGrove buyers beware!!!
I ordered a custom made dining room table and bench from GroversGrove on Etsy in February 2016. I was told via email that the waiting period was about 3 months. I paid $2,500 and some change up front with a credit card. When there was no sign of the table or word from them after 3 months, I emailed them and wanted know how much longer it was going to be. They said they were really busy so it might be a bit longer than expected. Every once in awhile I would email them and ask for updates and every time they would have almost the same answer. I was very, very patient for about 9 months. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. The tenth month was November and I was hosting a large Thanksgiving and told them that the table had better be here by then or I wanted my money back. By this time, my patience had run out. The table was delivered the day before Thanksgiving. My husband put it all together and he is a carpenter by trade so knew exactly what he was doing. He pointed out to me that there was a hairline crack running almost the entire length of the table. About 2 or 3 days later ( when I had enough time to think) I emailed GroversGrove pictures and a message and told them I wanted a partial refund. They refunded me 20% of the cost of it. I thought oh well, it's not that noticeable, oh well. I knew next to nothing about the nature of wood and thought that's how it would remain. Within the next few weeks the crack continued to widen and other cracks begin to appear on the table and bench tops. The main crack is about 1/4 of an inch wide and almost the entire length of the table. I can actually see the floor through it. I was sick. Also, the finish had started chipping in places and scratched super easy! I emailed GroversGrove more pictures and told them I wanted my money back. They wouldn't refund me but offered to make a new table and bench top IF I returned the 20% refund. I told them that I felt I deserved to keep it for all the time waiting on them and all the hassle, stress etc. They told me 'no, you are only entitled to one settlement.' The day I sent the email, my husband leaned on the table and it wobbled. Now, one of the pedestals is shot and the whole table wobbles badly. The next step I took was to contact Etsy by phone and email and try to get their assistance. One of their policies is that you can only file a claim within 60 days of either purchase or estimated delivery date. (Can't remember which) It was long past both of those dates as I had paid in February and it was now almost December. (I feel like Grovers Grove may do this delaying delivery thing on purpose so that people can't file a case against them if something goes wrong.) Anyway, Etsy would make no exceptions even though they had proof of all that had taken place. I have all of our corresponding emails in my Etsy account and Etsy has access to them all. They told me they read them all but I seriously doubt that. Back to the replacement offer from GroversGrove.. First of all, I don't want new tops from them. Why? So I can wait another 10 months and then have similar problems? No Thanks! They will NOT budge, so I am stuck with this busted pile of crap. But, I am actually going to try to take them to small claims even if I have to fly there. I am going to meet with my lawyer as soon as he has an opening to go over all the options. It's not just the wasted money that sickens me but the principle of the situation. They can't just get away with this kind of business. Nobody else should have to go through this!! The most ironic part of this situation?.. I actually had a lady email me before I purchased the table, and somehow how she had gotten ahold of some of GroversGroves' potential customers' email addresses and sent us all a message, warning us not to buy from them as she had a similar thing happen to her. But they had 5 star reviews and I just thought the lady might be trying raise trouble. I'm questioning my judgement of giving people the benefit of the doubt anymore because it has come at a high price. I promise you, you do NOT want to chance this kind of disaster. Do not trust Grovers Grove!!!!!
Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
3:52 pm
Bad Logo Deal
So I'm writing here about Logolane - they charge a seemingly cheap amount of money for a logo - $49. I've been trying to get anyone to create a logo for my Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, and since no one in real life could be found, I decided to go online. Since it is not me, but my cast officers to decide on it, I had to go back and forth between them. I bought on January 25th. The logo maker would make unlimited changes needed to the idea that was picked. They also had a 100% money back guarantee on their profile page. My cast officers kept asking for changes, and so we went back and forth for a while, and sometimes either were slow to respond. In June they decided they just didn't like it, and I said "Fine," because I can get my money back. So I asked for it -- and the logo maker ignored me. About two months later after repeated messages in conversation over Etsy (so that Etsy team members can view the conversation, if need be) the logo maker responded by basically saying "I'll send you the completed files,". There were no completed files, what am I going to do with a logo that is unusable? So I asked them for my money back instead.

They responded with something along the lines of "I've invested too much time into the logo, so I'm not refunding your money." After reminding them of their 100% money back guarantee on their Profile page, they haven't responded at all to me. I'm very fed up. I'm just glad I didn't pay more for it. However, because it was for an intangible service or whatever, Paypal won't refund my money. I'm also unable to leave feedback for them either, since it has been so long since I originally purchased it.

I just send them another message asking to at least finish the logo. At least I can use it for picture tagging or something, but I won't be using it for our 'actual' or official logo.
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
7:24 am
DO NOT BUY from EmilyLovesPretties aka Big Beautiful Barbara Brown
Arg! I feel obligated to report a seller: EmilyLovesPretties, who also operates under the name Big Beautiful Barbara Brown. She no longer has the Etsy page under EmilyLovesPretties, so look out for BigBeatifulBarbaraBrown (BBBB) or any seller named Emily that is selling vintage-style custom made items from the UK.

Her craftsmanship was atrocious, the materials were the cheapest available, and the shirt arrived crumpled in a bag.

I placed order #*****754 on July 9, 2013. Emily, the rep from the store, said the custom shirt I ordered would be made within 4 to 6 weeks. After 8 weeks and no word from her, I messaged her asking when the shirt would arrive. On September 24, 2013 I received the shirt, and there were many issues with it. I wrote to her on September 25, 2013 asking if I could return the shirt for a refund (her policy is to accept returns and give full refunds) because of the following reasons: discoloration and black specks on the color, the darts in the front are different lengths - one is over 9 inches (23 cm) and the other is 8.5 inches (21 cm), which made it look lopsided when I put it on, the seam on the back twists around midway; and there are threads sticking out on the front dart. Not to mention the poorly made cloth-covered buttons and the angular "curves" around the collar. It looked like she never pressed the seams or the shirt once during construction. I sent her the attached photo illustrating these reasons. She did not respond to my message. I wrote to her again on October 4, 2013 telling her I would open a case if I did not hear from her. She has still not responded, and because the order arrived so much later than the purchase, I can no longer leave an accurate review or file a complaint. I wrote to Etsy to see if there was anything they could do, and they basically said sorry, you're SOL. So, at this point, I'm just giving a heads up to others so they don't have the same experience with this seller.

Photo evidence of some of the most obvious mistakes:
custom order gone wrong
This is her website:

And her facebook page:

Funnily enough, she posted about the custom shirt I ordered on her Facebook page on September 18th, saying how great it was!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013
1:15 pm
Bad experience with https://www.etsy.com/shop/NouveauRetro seller on Etsy
I purchased a vintage hat from https://www.etsy.com/shop/NouveauRetro on March 18, 2013, paid in full on Paypal and I included a note that I needed it for an event on March 28th. They sent me a purse meant for another buyer in California and said the other person was sent my hat by mistake. They asked me to send the purse via Priority Mail to the other buyer and said she would send me my hat. NouveauRetro also said they would reimburse me for my costs to send the purse to CA which was $15.25. I cancelled a lunch date, instead went to buy packing tape, made an address label and stood in line at the post office to do this errand for NouveauRetro as requested. I even provided them with a tracking number for their other customer. I got scammed. The other person never sent my hat, if they ever had it at all. In messages back and forth with NouveauRetro they changed their story a dozen times, made several math errors regarding my refund then accused ME of creating drama for THEM. I opened a case against them and they finally refunded my original purchase price plus shipping, after which they were able to close the case with Etsy. They DID NOT reimburse me for $15.25 in shipping and $20.00 for my time and effort doing THEIR work to ship the purse to their buyer as they agreed to do in messages. I have never had a bad purchase experience on Etsy or Ebay. NouveauRetro has a sense of entitlement that the customer is in service to them doing their errands without compensation. They actually had the nerve to offer me a coupon code at one point as if me making another purchase from them was not actually a benefit to them. I think it is also a violation of privacy policies on https://www.etsy.com to give out the personal information of buyers, as NouveauRetro did with me and their other customer, R.S. of Hemet, CA. R, I hope you are enjoying your purse. I never got my hat or the $15.25 I spent shipping you your purse. I plan to get my money's worth by spreading the word about https://www.etsy.com/shop/NouveauRetro and their lying, cheating, self-important, entitled way of doing business. It looks like honesty does not pay and in fact, leads to being ripped off. By the way, the other customer shipped my hat back to NouveauRetro so they are out nothing.
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
12:03 am
abusive seller
I tried to purchase a custom item from CandiedStarfish , who turned out to be an abusive seller.

First, she posted the item for me but neglected to list it as reserved. Then, she didn't put the appropriate shipping to my country. While waiting for her to fix this, someone else bought the listing. Although she had listed 2 of the same item, she confirmed that she "only had enough material to make 1".

I kept waiting for any information that she was trying to fix this. After nearly a week I contacted her again to find out what was going on. She said "she kept meaning to go to the store but didn't" and that when she finally did "they were out of the material". She told me that she would check again in "about" 2 weeks.

At this point, I declined having anything further to do with the transaction and politely explained what should have happened according to Etsy etiquette.

I received a long, abusive message from her with paragraphs of vitriol. She said the whole thing was all my fault and how dare I cancel on her now when she went to look for the material. She told me that I shouldn't expect "the whole world to revolve around me" and numerous other slanderous accusations.

I responded very angrily (which I shouldn't have done...but I had also JUST found out that my sister has to be hospitalized while waiting for major surgery).

She sent me a message back swearing at me and calling me all kinds of things.

I know Etsy won't do anything about this. I deleted all the messages so I don't have to see them, but I suspect this isn't the end of the harassment.

Saturday, December 25th, 2010
12:33 am
Etsy: girlpirate - non-delivery of items
UPDATE: As of last evening (January 7th 2011) I have received a refund. The seller sent the refund via paypal. She sent the $47.50 she owed but did not take into account the paypal takes fees when you send payment through them. So I am still out $1.68. Granted I realize that is splitting hairs at this point, getting any money back at all is absolutely amazing but it's just the point. I went through a lot and she still didn't send me back all the money she owes me. ALSO she wrote this in the message portion of her paypal transaction:

Cancellation of Etsy transactions
Cancellation and full refund of the following Etsy transactions: #5LT92608HH510961R #88D84617127871546 This renders these transactions null and void, as well as any subsequent items related to these transactions (special offers, feedback, etc).
Payment Type:

Does anyone know if this has any truth to it? Can she cancel my bad feedback?


I have reached the end of my rope with this seller.
I've had countless good and smooth transactions with her until my most recent one in October. I ordered 2 necklaces and a pair of earrings. The earrings were meant as a birthday gift for a friend. I figured ordering at the beginning of October would ensure I'd have enough time to receive the item and then ship it out. Girlpirate never took more than a few days to ship. She's only one state away from me and the USPS was always fast with shipping.

It's now December 25th and I have nothing. Girlpirate has $47.50 of my money and I can't even file a paypal claim. I gave her the benefit of the doubt because i've never had any problems with her in the past. I figured i'd get my things as soon as she sorted out a few issues going on in her life.

Well I was wrong. More "issues" kept happening. She kept begging for more time and for me to be patient. Well to make a long story short. I had to buy a different pair of earrings for the friend. Her bday present was late because i was waiting for girlpirate to ship.

The last communication i had with her she stated my items shipped the Monday before Thanksgiving. Then she proceeded to ignore my emails until this evening. I'd sent many email previous to this evening and got no response. I've just basically had enough. My last email to her stated that I had decided to leave back feedback and report her to etsy for non-delivery. In 3 seconds flat i had a response. All of a sudden she was extremely chatty and we emailed back and forth numerous times this evening. My items that i purchased in October are now going out on December 26th according to her. Which means she lied that anything was shipped the Monday before thanksgiving.

She responds to emails that she feels threatened by or when you mention bad feedback. No response to nice emails with simple questions about where your items are. Forget it.

I don't think this seller is ALL bad. I had many smooth transactions with her. I would just really pay attention and if you do buy from her, please make sure you file a claim in you don't get your items and your 45 day paypal claim limit is coming up. Stupid me, thought i'd bought from her enough times that she wouldn't screw me over, I was wrong.
Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
3:51 pm
Bad deal from pearlgrey on etsy
Purchased a blythe dress fom pearl grey weeks ago.  She has not responded to email messages.  Is listed as unverified on Paypal and has not claimed payment.  Is this any way to run a business?
I'm also hearing that I am not the only one that has had this problem with this particular seller.

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, May 27th, 2010
10:23 pm
Don't buy from Etsy Seller Ringsalad!
I ordered some pajamas and matching doll shirt for my daughter's birthday from Etsy seller Ringsalad. I had ordered from her before, so was totally surprised when the items didn't show up at first. I had to email her twice over the next month and a half. She always promised that she would get it out, until the second email, where she claimed that she didn't have the item I bought, but would send a similar pair of pajamas and doll shirt. What I received were a girl's shirt with a matching doll shirt, and a doll dress of less than stellar quality. I told her that they weren't exactly what I was expecting, but that they would do ok, and I would keep them for my daughter.

I left an appropriately NEUTRAL feedback stating exactly these points - that it was late, different, not exactly what I wanted, but I would keep it since my daughter liked it.

She totally flew off the handle and started harassing and abusing me, first by leaving negative feedback that was only halfway the truth. I countered back that I was completely fair and honest with the issue with her - it WAS late, it WAS different, and I was only OK with it, not thrilled.

She continued to berate me over the feedback I left her, acting as if I left her NEGATIVE - and I triple-checked - it was NEUTRAL, and said if I didn't like it, I could have sent it back for a full refund, or she could have given me a partial refund and let me keep the goods, but that I didn't give her that option and "hatefully" left her the feedback. I countered that if she would remove the negative feedback she left me, I would remove the neutral feedback (I was feeling pretty bullied by now). She refused, saying I needed to clear the neutral feedback first before she would be allowed to clear hers.

Finally I was fed up with it and said I would send the items back and take my full refund. I asked for her address again, as I didn't have the packaging anymore. At this point, she stopped answering my convos. I got her address off the PayPal account, and asked her to confirm it. She did not respond. I told her I was returning the items, and wanted a PayPal refund.

I shipped the items back to her with delivery confirmation. Upon delivery, she refunded me part of the amount, but not the full amount (she left off the shipping cost I originally paid, after saying she would pay me back that.) I have tried to file a dispute with PayPal, but they really don't care if the reason you send it back is because it ISN'T RIGHT.

I asked her to refund the rest of the amount that she owes me, and informed her that I have recontacted PayPal and forwarded the convo to Etsy.  She now has blown me off, refused to do anything else, and accused me of harassment, essentially accusing me of false threats since PayPal nor Etsy have contacted her about this case.

At this point, I am not going to contact her any more, to prevent her from having any ammunition to accuse me of harassment with. But she well and truly bullied and screwed me over, and I couldn't let it slide without trying to warn people.

It is so sad that there are people out there like this - so difficult and hateful, especially when I had been polite and patient for so very long!
Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
10:35 am
Beware: Seller / Buyer GINGERET
Gingeret purchased 2 items from me (2 pairs of shoes; one size ladies 8 one sized ladies 10) and wanted to return the size 10's because she didn't like them. Since she bought 2 items and paid with one paypal payment, Paypal wouldn't let her return the one pair, only both pairs for a full refund. I found out that she had already sold the size 8 shoes on ebay for twice what she bought them from me for so therefore couldn't comply with the paypal complaint she had and was out of luck. She lambasted me via emails and convos and the tone of these made me realize she is one of those really UNSTABLE types of people. I told her to return the size 10s to me for a refund but to hurry as this was right before thanksgiving and I was going away for the holiday and wanted to get this settled and squashed. She never did.

I came home from holiday to find her feedback dotted in red from buyers claiming she sells damaged vintage goods, and won't take refunds. Pot meet Kettle? Her buyers started to send convos to me, after seeing that she left me a netural feedback for the shoes that she supposedly "loved" (the size 8s that she sold haha) which was unfair. I've been in contact with a few of her very UNHAPPY buyers and have let them know how to file paypal complaints against her for sending them damaged, dirty and smelly clothing.

Right now she is using Etsy as a platform to sell whatever she wants for the cheap listing fees. She is breaking etsy rules on vintage clothing by selling modern, new with tags clothing from Macy's and listing them as vintage. If anyone here buys vintage clothes on etsy, be very wary of her and her items -- she got her bad feedbacks removed by bribing the unhappy buyers with refunds/keep the items but they used to read things like "bait and switch seller" and "item wasn't exactly clean" etc.

Anyway hi I'm new to this comm but I've been on Etsy since 2005. I've never had a bad transaction until now and I can only imagine it's because alot of horrible ebay people have moved over to Etsy. I've been on ebay for 13 years now and I'm pretty well-versed in paypal disputes and bad transactions so I hope that I can help out anyone here who posts from now on with a problem. :)
Monday, November 9th, 2009
4:39 pm
Ugh. What should I do?
So I purchased something almost a week ago on Etsy. I have only purchased about two things on there so far, so this is relatively new to me. On November 3rd, I asked the seller a question about the item. She responded the day after and answered my question, then I bought the item. My payment cleared, and I messaged her to verify that she received it and to get the shipping information. I've messaged her about 3/4 times and she hasn't responded to any of them.

What's more annoying is the fact that I saw on her feedback that she had purchased something from somebody else on November 7th (so the feedback says). What am I supposed to do about this? She has 100% feedback, I just don't understand why she can't find the decency to respond to ANY of my conversations, especially after I already paid....
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
3:58 pm



She promised me an exchange and a shipping refund. So I gave her a chance and sent it back to her. She has not responded to ANY of my emails, and when I added her on Facebook to ask her why she hasn't contacted me, she removed me. Unprofessional, why would you want to piss off a customer? If she thinks I'll take this quietly she has another thing coming. You made a mistake, admit it and settle things with your customer!!! If she ever sets up an online shop again I will bother her until she realizes the past will haunt you. >:(


Well this thought me never to email support@etsy.com ever again.. first response I got back, the replier didn't even READ my email. Then the 2nd response was like ohh each seller has their own policies about returns and etc.

I bought a necklace from SteamSociety on 08/19 and after like 3 weeks I got it. I noticed the seller shipped out the item a week after I paid (when her policies state that she ships out items within 48 hours)

That's not all.

The necklace I received DOES NOT LOOK like the one in the photos, it's similar, but the pendant was glued on the wrong side, glued sloppily (uneven) and visibly noticeable. The chain is completely different, a super bulky chunky chain instead of a slim one, and the clasp is some gigantic lobster clasp for like bags.

I've contacted the seller 3 times and no response. 2 times through Etsy and 1 time through email -- nothing. I'm being patient because she CLAIMS to have gotten stomach flu (but wtf she's still listing NEW items -- not relisting items -- but NEW ones everyday)

I'm a seller too and if I was sick, I would not be listing new items -- hell I'd put my shop on vacation mode so that I don't get behind on orders.
Other buyers are having issues with her too, some of them never received their items, and also no response for over a month.

She should be catching up and fixing problems with past buyers instead of ignoring them and trying to get new buyers.
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
7:44 pm
Warning about buying supplies from Hippychic2007
I ordered and paid for some felt supplies from Hippychic2007 three months ago. I was sent the wrong items and I am still waiting for replacements.  The seller initially disputed my purchase and then admitted an error and promised a replacement.  I waited for this, and it did not arrive.  Unfortunately, because I waited, I was outside the time frame to qualify for a Paypal refund.  So be warned, its worth filing a Paypal dispute as early as possible.  I have reported this to Etsy, but the seller is still completely unresponsive, and contiunuing to sell the items I am still waiting for.  I would avoid this seller. 

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, January 24th, 2009
12:43 am
I just wanted to put a warning out there for "TOUKOUSHIMA" on Etsy. My husband ordered a pair of slippers from her on December 4th and they never arrived. TONS of other people have had this problem. Check out her feedback on Etsy (lots of negatives...and I never see negatives on Etsy!) Too bad...they were really cute looking slippers. She told my husband 2 weeks after ordering that the slippers would absolutely be here in time for X-mas and that she'd expedite the shipping. Well, she didn't. It's January 24th and they still have not arrived. My husband has tried to contact her several times to no avail. We finally had to file a claim through Etsy and our credit card company.

Now, she's trying to sell her items on Dawanda ( en.dawanda.com/product/2502766-toukoushima-simply-slippers ). I just wanted to put out a warning to potential buyers.

I hate to make a post like this, but her practices are really unacceptable.

Monday, December 1st, 2008
11:15 am
Your place to get all your hard work ripped off.
I'm sure you've all seen this site before.  My story is the fourth one down on this page


The look on my avatar's face doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this.
Friday, October 24th, 2008
12:12 am
Beware Etsy buyer: fletchva (No payment and no response)
Etsy buyer fletchva submitted a purchase at my Etsy store on 10/18/2008, buying my handmade Blythe dress, which is on clearance price US$8.00 plus shipping US$2.50.

Buyer did not send payment until now.  I'd contacted buyer twice, one on late 10/18/2008 and one on 10/22/2008, kindly reminded her that payment must be made by PayPal within 3 calendar days after the day she ordered the item.  I contacted her via the Etsy conversation, but she never reply me.

She has 0 feedback when she made her purchase.

I'd left her a Neutral feedback.  And I just found another seller also got the same problem and left her a Neutral feedback too.

Please beware of this buyer!

I'd filed a "cancel sale" to Etsy, and hope I can get the commission back and can re-list this item without charge!

Thursday, September 25th, 2008
8:41 pm
bad etsy sale
I bought a gift for my sister from Absoluteproductions over a month ago, mistake number 1. When it arrived it was completely different from what I expected. It was supposed to be silver but instead was clearly made of some cheap material and arrived crumpled up full of kinks. The cross on it looked like a cheap trinket as well. I contacted the seller for a refund, her response was she doesn't give refunds... now I can see why- she overcharges for junk. Funny thing is she states how she wants happy customers but clearly does not care at all about customer satisfaction.
After enduring much back and forth and several extreme insults from her she agreed to a refund, and we "kissed and made up" mistake number 2. So I carefully packed her item up and sent it to her for a refund. I included insurance and delivery confirmation.
According to the USPS It arrived August 30 but she did not contact me. So I waited a few days to contact her. I did not hear back. I waited a few more days and she said the item was broken upon receipt. I KNOW it was packed carefully and not broken when I mailed it. So now she won't give a refund. She has outright stolen my money. I contacted etsy and paypal. Etsy removed my "kiss and make up feedback" as well as a record of the sale from her account but I have no way of leaving true feedback now. Paypal won't get involved unless the item did not arrive. I plan to contact the better business bureau but wanted to warn others of this seller, BEWARE!
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
8:04 pm
Hi :)

I have a question on what to do about items that don't arrive to their destination.
On July I bougth some supplies from an american Etsy seller that were shipped on July 21st. Because I live in Europe and it was my first purchase on Etsy, I asked lots of questions to the seller just to know her experience with overseas shipping (because in my country customs often held stuff from US), if any problems had happened and her experience was very good so far. A month has passed and my package didn't arrive.  I've been talking with the seller, which has been very helppfull and communicative but until now (September 2nd) I don't know were my things are. I never received a letter from customs and I contacted the post office that said they couldn't help me because the package wasn't registered and they couldn't track it down. Until now, I never had any problems in shipping for the US and in receiving cds that I bougth on Amazon. Of course that it could be lost, but I found it very strange, because I'm waiting for some shoes for a month too and they also didn't arrive.
What should I do about etsy? Should I ask for a refund although sellers say that they can't be held responsible for items lost in the mail? 
Thank you!
Saturday, July 19th, 2008
4:34 pm
Etsy: Mimzee (edited: resolution)

I purchased a sewing machine, serger and 25 lbs of random fabrics bits from Mimzee.

I got the box yesterday. She had doubled boxed my items. In the larger of the two boxes she had shredded paper and bits of cardboard. The second smaller box rested on top of the packing material. In the second box she had lined the bottom of the box with the 25lbs of fabric. On top of the fabric she place the sewing machine and serger. She did not add anything packing material of any sort to pad the sewing machine or serger. The sewing machine and serger were (I assume) banging into each other on the way to my house.

The sewing machine is fine but the serger is a different story. One of the plastic pieces that holds thread is totally broken off. I cannot use the machine. A main piece that is required for use is gone!

I left bad feedback, opened a paypal claim then emailed the seller about the issues. (I realize now I should have contacted her first..duh!) The seller does not wish to deal with me since I opened a paypal dispute. Paypal ruled in her favor due to the fact that the item was shipped. I guess they don't cover broken stuff because of seller negligence

I sent two emails to etsy and I'm disputing the charge with my credit card company.

The seller wrote to me and basically made it clear that she feels I am in the wrong.
Today I got an email from the seller who was all of a sudden MORE than happy to help me and refund my money. Although she wanted me to ship the serger back to her and she was only going to forward me 1/2 of the money I spent. She was afraid that I would trash the machine and send it back since I seemed "angry". What about me? How could I possibly be sure she'd actually keep her word and send me the other 1/2 that I was owed? I have no guarantee.

I decided to basically give up. I think that I might be able to replace the piece. I am going to take it to a sewing machine repair shop and see what they say.

It was the principle of the matter that really got to me. Why all of a sudden did she feel obliged to help me after basically telling me It was my fault? Why couldn't she pack the item properly?

Whatever..case closed.

Just be careful if you order breakable items from Mimzee
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
12:50 pm
Amelia Makes Art on Etsy
Etsy: Amelia Makes Art


I paid for a needle felted figure of my dog to Amelia on Jan 28.
At that time, Amelia said it will take 14 weeks to complete the work. I said it's fine, I undrstand how busy she will be.
I have been very patient and emailed her after 4 months  (May 4 and May 9) asking when can I expect my doll?
She replied on May 11 saying her father was in hospital she was all apologic. Well I thought things to happen so I did not push her further.
On May 22 she emailed me pictures of her completed work. Everything looks good except I want some amendments to the eyes of the dog she made as they are too large. (My dog does not have big eyes). So I think it's only reasonable of me to ask her to change that otherwise it's not a portrait of him.

I waited again... and on July 1st I emailed her again as I haven't heard back from her... no reply.
Yesterady I sent her another email asking her to just send me whatever she has done for my doll. I am loosing my patience and just wanted a closure to this.

I have waited for 6 months minus 2 weeks for this.

Has anyone dealt with Amelia before?
Should I be more patient?
Well what else can I do?  :(

(It's a felted figure of my dog that is no longer with me... so when I comissioned Amelia I wanted something that I can hold on to to remember my pup).

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
7:27 am
Muslin on Etsy
Muslin on Etsy


On May 20th I paid for 2 Blythe dresses to be made for me and she said she'd have them done within a week. I haven't received the dresses, heard from her since, or received any replies to my Etsy conversations to her.

After hearing from others that she was moving and items being sent were delayed, I waited another 2 weeks. Still no dresses and no replies to any tries at contact. So after one month I filed a PayPal dispute. Another week went by with no reply so I escalated it to a Claim and on July 4 PayPal decided in my favor. Of the $51.25 I paid her I received back $8.91. :(

I feel ripped off and used. I tried to be nice and wait it out, even though I felt it was wrong to take on a commission for doll dresses if she was moving and she never told me that, she said I'd have them in a week. I waited long enough and couldn't afford to be out this money.

She still has things for sale in her Etsy store so I wanted to warn anyone who is thinking of buying from her ---DON'T!

Current Mood: angry
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